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Atom Cleanse is a phone sanitizer that rids your mobile phone of germs and bacteria using UV light.

mobile phone germs

Your Mobile is Filthy!

This gross image shows germs and bacteria present on mobile phones in various lab tests before using a mobile phone sanitizer. Tests carried out by University of Surrey found your mobile is 18x dirtier than a toilet handle.


On average we use our mobile phones 110 times throughout the day. The heat it generates as well as the fact we don’t clean our devices means your mobile is a breeding ground for germs.

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Kills 99.9% of Germs

In under 8 minutes the phone sterilizer kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria using non-harmful UV light.

Better Immune System

You will be healthier by using a clean and germ and bacteria free mobile phone.

Healthier Skin

Germs and bacteria cause bad skin, so no more germs and bacteria mean good looking skin.

Less Sick Days

You and those around you won’t be passing germs along through a dirty device.

mobile phone germs

How does the Phone Sanitizer work?

Phone sanitizer works in under 8 minutes to clean your mobile phone once you place it inside.


The cell phone sanitizer uses non-harmful UV light that is more effective than anti-bacterial wipes or gels. The technology already exists and is being used in hospitals & laboratories around the UK.

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"Germ Freak"

Constantly travelling on public transport always make me think about germs. This product has made me less of a germ freak.


Daniel Campbell Advisor at TechHub

"Recommended by friends"

Nobody likes germs and this product just helps you feel at ease. It comes highly recommended by friends and family.


Olive Cotts Marketing at Ocushield

"Great Product"

Seriously a great product that looks and feels great but at the same time solves an important problem.

Marcus Kane Designer at BLOCKS

"Feel Healthier"

I was reading into how dirty our mobiles get, so i was glad to find this product. I feel healthier and happier.


Pruth Rutty Co-Founder at Carv

"Simple to use."

I couldn't believe how dirty my mobile was so i found Atom Cleanse. I feel much better and its so simple to use.


Sarah Adams CEO at SNAP

"I hate germs"

I've been crying out for a product like this as i hate the thought of germs and being ill. Being ill costs my startup.

Ali Reza Founder at BLOCKS


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