Prevent Getting Sick in 7 Easy Steps

Prevent Getting Sick in 7 Easy Steps

Eat plenty of chicken soup. Avoid dairy. Chocolate makes acne worse…..this is the best way to prevent getting sick?


Over the years, we’ve all gotten an overload of advice about how to prevent getting sick. Our parents and grandparents have age-old wisdom that they passed on to us as hard truths. Some of it has been backed up by research, but you probably don’t need to be told that most of it is false.


There are, however, plenty of scientifically proven methods to prevent getting sick. Some are obvious, like washing your hands before eating and after going to the toilet.

And then there are these 7 methods to prevent getting sick that will truly surprise you.


1.Have sex

This is probably the most surprising entry on this list, and is good news for those in healthy relationships, or who enjoy the occasional (responsible) hookup.

WebMD advises that people who have sex regularly might have higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA). Immunoglobulin A is an important immune system protein.
This information is based on a study at a Pennsylvania university, where college students who had sex weekly had higher levels of IgA. So, if you already felt bad about being unpopular in university, you now have another reason.


2. Stand


Sitting might be killing you.


A 2014 study found that too much sitting increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and shorter life spans. This is true even for those who exercise daily.


Humans are not meant to be sedentary creatures, but in the modern age, most of our jobs require us to be at a desk most of the day.


However, all is not lost. Standing can negate the bad effects of sitting. Even if you don’t decide to use a standing desk, getting up for 5 minutes every hour can be more than enough.


3. Prevent getting sick & keep your phone clean


If I told you to go put your ear against a toilet seat, you’d think I was crazy. Even touching it with your hands is likely to get your germaphobe side on high alert.


It might shock you then that your cellphone carries more than 10 times the germs than the average toilet seat and 18 times the germs on a toilet handle! You touch it constantly, hold it to your face and mouth, and probably never clean it.


Of course, we’re all reluctant to wash our expensive electronic devices. An effective way of cleaning it is by using non-harmful UV light, which is what Atom Cleanse does. It takes under 8 minutes, and eliminates the germs most likely to make you sick. If you haven’t already read this previous post ‘why you need to sanitize your phone right now’.


4. Get a massage


Unless you have neck and back pain, chances are you won’t be seeing a masseuse. But massages do more than loosen the knots in your back. They are known to reduce anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate, all of which compromise your immune system.


Getting a massage – with moderate pressure – once a month should be enough, but if you have the chance for more frequent rub downs, all the better.


5. Eat a good breakfast


You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’ve probably also heard how great sugary cereals are for you. Nutritionists agree with only one of those statements and it’s not the second.


Okay, even the first statement is up for debate, but pretty much everyone agrees that it’s important (whether or not it’s the most important).


Nonetheless, eating cereal at breakfast time is not going to keep you healthy. Only marketing teams pretend to believe that. A leaner, protein filled breakfast on the other hand, will make it easier to burn fat, and lower your bodyweight and insulin levels.


6. Be social


Many health authorities consider social isolation as a risk factor for chronic diseases. Being lonely can increase stress, which slows the body’s immune response. It even triggers cellular changes that cause illness.


While you don’t need to be a social butterfly, it is important to take time to be around friends and family. This is important for people who work a lot, and especially crucial for those who work from home.


7.Go outside

Going against everything anxious mothers have been saying for centuries, going outside will not cause a cold. On the contrary, staying inside is a sure way to weaken your immune system. In winter, when heaters are on and all the windows are closed, germs thrive indoors.

But being outdoors does not just keep you away from germs. Research has shown that it leads to increased happiness, better concentration, and higher vitamin D levels. That last is especially important, as a lack of vitamin D compromises your immune system.

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