Why you need to sanitize your phone right now!

Why you need to sanitize your phone right now!

Did you know that your phone is the filthiest object you own? Most people don’t believe this and don’t really pay much attention to the hand-held devices that they use. They might wipe the screen to remove smudges and fingerprints but after a while, it seems to become too tedious to clean touch-screens that attract fingerprints and dirt like magnets. Unfortunately, this carelessness can be harmful to your health and this is why you need to sanitize your phone right now!

Do Phones Really Have Germs?

It’s natural to be skeptical about this but people don’t realize how much grime and germs they deposit on their mobile devices on a day-to-day basis. Most mobile phones have about 25,000 germs per square inch. Here are a few comparisons by Mashable that will make you rush towards the nearest sanitizer immediately:
  • Toilet seats have about 1,200 bacteria per square inch.
  • Kitchen counters have 1,730 bacteria per square inch.
  • A pet food dish has 2,100 bacteria per square inch.
  • The checkout screen at a local store will have about 4,500 bacteria per square inch.
  • Doorknobs have about 8,600 bacteria per square inch.
Would you bring any of these items close to your face and willingly handle them on a day-to-day basis without cleaning them? No one would; which is why it’s necessary to sanitize mobile phones regularly. 

How Do Germs Get There?

We use phones for almost everything, from calling to reading e-books, and our hands aren’t always clean. People rarely wipe their hands after they eat finger foods when they reach for their phones. Some of us even have a habit of carrying and using the devices in public washrooms. 

If your phone is in your hand during the flushing process, you’ll get microscopic fecal matter on it. Most people also forget to sanitize their phones after they’ve recovered from the cold or flu. This means, the germs from their illness could still be present on the phone and cause problems later. 

Even if you haven’t been sick, have never used your phone in the toilet, and wash your hands before you touch your phone or after eating, germs will still transfer onto the surface. When you speak, germs from your mouth can fall onto the mouthpiece. Bacteria on your skin, hands, ears, and hair will also all fall onto the phone. If you don’t clean your phone regularly, these germs will accumulate, grow, and multiply. 

What Kind of Bacteria Can You Find on a Phone?

The germs found on your smart phones aren’t harmless or mundane. They can cause serious health problems and risks. Studies have shown that you can find the following species of bacteria on your phones: 
  • E. Coli
  • MRSA or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus
  • Influenza 
  • Streptococcus
  • Diphtheroids
  • Staphylococcus
All of these bacteria and virus are very harmful to your health and are usually found in alarming numbers on a smart phone. That’s why you need an iPhone sanitizer or something similar to keep your phone as germ-free as you can get. 

How Can You Sanitize Smart Phones?

Many experts suggest wiping the phone with a damp microfiber cloth and while this will clean the phone to an extent, it won’t eliminate all of the germs present. It will keep your phone clean and presentable, but some bacteria can linger in the crevices and corners. Here are some steps that will help you keep your phone clean and bug-free. 


  • Wipe the phone completely with a damp microfiber cloth on a regular basis. This will remove the germs and still protect the screen and finish of the phone. This will also address the fingerprints on the screen and ensure it’s clear and visible. 
  • Purchase a specialized mobile phone sanitizer that can remove all germs and bacteria and not harm the phone. These are formulated for smart phone and similar devices and will take care of the germs they produce. Other alternatives like your TV cleaners, lens cleaners, etc., can harm these devices and most manufacturers don’t recommend them. 
  • You can wipe your phone daily at the beginning and end of the day and disinfect it with a mobile phone sanitizer once every 3 or so days. This will keep your phone clean.
Some people use diluted alcohol solutions because articles on the internet recommend them, but it’s not a good idea to risk your expensive device with a homemade solution. Alcohol can damage the finish of the phone and this can cause damage to the touch-screen as well.  

Other Precautions to Take

There are some precautions you can take to protect your mobile phones from germs, such as:


  • Clean your hands after you touch food or surfaces that might have bacteria. Food particles and grease are some of the most common causes of excessive bacteria build-up.


  • Place your phones in protective sheathes if you intend to use them in dirty environments. For example, if you’re a healthcare professional, make sure your phone doesn’t pick up germs from your workplace.


  • Do not use your phones in bathrooms if you can help it. After all, it’s not impossible to spend a few minutes without your phone.


  • Clean the charging port and the headphone jack as well. They can collect dust, skin cells, hair, etc.


  • Clean your phone after you pass it around. If your children, friends, spouses, and others have used the phone in some fashion, sanitize it with Atom Cleanse at the end of the day to eliminate all possible germs.


  • Don’t let your pets come into contact with your phones or devices. They can easily transfer bacteria onto the device and cause damage to them as well.


Smart phones are an integral part of our lives and most people handle them almost constantly. That’s why it’s vital to clean them as often and as thoroughly as possible. The right mobile phone sanitizer will do the job for you and won’t damage the phone. It’s a good idea to have one handy to keep your personal devices like phones, tablets, and iPods clean. Use Atom Cleanse today and sanitize your phone!
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